Monday, December 22, 2008

Superheroes of The Sea - The Album


The audio

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The track listing

  1. How to Prove a Point [Thor Heyerdahl] (4:34)
    Music: Tim Donderevo
    Lyrics and Vocals: Jules Peters
  2. Nemo of the Nautilus [Captain Nemo] (5:56)
    Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith
    Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh
  3. Sea City [Sea Cities] (3:47)
    Music: Greg Dean and Rob Fisher
    Lyrics: Eric Lebofsky
    Vocals: Eric Lebofsky and Jenny Cohen
  4. Molusco Hermoso [Hexabranchus Sanguineus (the Spanish Dancer)] (4:05)
    Music: Jules Peters
    Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
  5. Cunning Odysseus [Odysseus] (3:29)
    Music: Eric Lebofsky
    Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown, Oli Hayhurst and Tim Donderevo
  6. For Fear of the Light [Abtu and Anet] (3:00)
    Music: Dan Waldkirch
    Lyrics and Vocals: Nick Osbourne
    Backing Vocals: Madeleine Staples, Doug Stuart, Rob Fisher, Richard Yates
  7. The Testimony of Oliver Deveau [The Mary Celeste] (4:27)
    Music: Oli Hayhurst
    Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
  8. Plankton [Plankton] (3:53)
    Music: Rob Fisher
    Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
    Vocals: Kelly Hoglund and Tim Turton
  9. King of Pirates [Edward Teach (Blackbeard)] (3:00)
    Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman
    Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch
    Vocals: Dan & Maria Waldkirch
  10. The Love Song of the Mako Shark [The Mako Shark] (4:19)
    Music: Dan Gresham
    Lyrics and Vocals: Timothy S Marchand
    Backing Vocals: Jules Peters
  11. The Shelter of a Shanty Home [Flotsam] (3:14)
    Music: Timothy S Marchand and Jules Peters
    Lyrics: Rob Fisher
    Vocals: Rob & Audrey Fisher
  12. Oh Jeannie [Jeanne Bare] (4:47)
    Music: Barney Brown
    Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean
    Glockenspiel: Don Schwartz
  13. Windy Old Weather (Fish of the Sea) (4:09)
    Music: Trad./Jules Peters, Greg Dean, Rob Fisher and Aya Saito
    Lyrics: Trad./Kip Loades
    Vocals: The IML
    Produced by Barney Brown and Tim Donderevo
Mastered by Tim Donderevo

The lyrics

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Dan W. said...

Molusco Hermoso is my favorite! I want to know who did it!

brownio said...

Music by Julian Peters, Lyrics and vocals by Kip Loades
( I believe). I'll get my guest-imate credits up on this page now, I can always alter them later if I got them wrong.

Tim Donderevo said...

Yeah - the Spanish guitar (& claps) is all Jules Peters in Japan (who's been collaborating with Timothy S Marchand a lot on this album) and the singing is by super-smooth Kip Loades in Cambridge, England, giving it 200%! Its a pretty incredible track!

I love them all - but 'The Shelter of a Shanty Town' is my fave! The most original and evocative song I've heard for years. Can't wait to listen to the album again.