Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finger ache

I made some headway into my track last night. I've been experimenting with different microphone placements and rooms to get the right sound for the acoustic guitars. That bit's easy. I've also been trying out different string types from ultra light to medium. Blah blah blah. That's all fine but I haven't been playing enough guitar recently so I'm cheese-wiring my fingers. It's sounding good though. Lacking a bass, I've been sticking the electric guitar through some bass amp plug ins which sound OK. Might end up a bit muddy. I'm not sure, but this track may be submitted without a theme at all. I know that when I was running the Superheroes of Science project the ability to listen to a track, choose a scientist and singer, led to a feeling of power never felt before. It would be nice to bestow that power upon Rob.

In other news, I can see that someone has uploaded a backing track already for Superheroes of The Sea but I won't be listening to that until my track's recorded. Just in case, you know, I get scared. Sploosh!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I listened to a lecture about where waves come from last night. It was pretty dull quite frankly. I liked the first bit where the lecturer said, "here's an introduction for stupid people about waves" but then it all got a bit technical. Anyway. I think I'm wedded to the idea of making a sonic piece which depicts the build up and destruction of a wave (on a central ocean to coast) level. Starting with a simple melody, then layering and layering until it sounds like in this order:

Lounge jazz
Speed garage
My Bloody Valentine
And back

It might be a tough one to lyricise but I hope (and I don't want to influence the prospective lyricist), that the story arc of the words could cover the complexity of human life from birth, the bit in between, and death. For individuals, the song could be about oceanographers, but unlike some of the heroes on our last album I haven't found an oceanographer yet, who has, dare I say it, an interesting life. Am I becoming jaded? No, I've just got a cold and have drunk some wine. Anyway, hopefully I'll get better tomorrow night so I can go out with some of the other IMLers and start planning our Science Festival gig. Happy days.