Monday, January 19, 2009

500 fathoms

At least 500 people have now fathomed the Superheroes of The Sea earning it a platinum cod. Incredible. And whilst people still discover it wallowing in the murky depths of the internet the Intercontinental Music Lab are converting their submarines into flying vessels for a journey into .. Space. Yes that's right space, the next album that we're going to put together is going to be called "Superheroes of Space". You can find out more about it on our new Superheroes of Space blog.

We're hoping that we can keep our wetsuits on when we get into our various rockets, I think stylistically they'll still work and of course we've already got breathing apparatus. Anyway, we're hope you're all enjoying Superheroes of the Sea. I still can't get over the fact that Windy Old Weather was recorded across four different continents. Perhaps we could get some contributions from a functioning space station for our next album?