Monday, December 22, 2008

Superheroes of The Sea - The Album


The audio

The artwork

The track listing

  1. How to Prove a Point [Thor Heyerdahl] (4:34)
    Music: Tim Donderevo
    Lyrics and Vocals: Jules Peters
  2. Nemo of the Nautilus [Captain Nemo] (5:56)
    Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith
    Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown and Layla Vandenbergh
  3. Sea City [Sea Cities] (3:47)
    Music: Greg Dean and Rob Fisher
    Lyrics: Eric Lebofsky
    Vocals: Eric Lebofsky and Jenny Cohen
  4. Molusco Hermoso [Hexabranchus Sanguineus (the Spanish Dancer)] (4:05)
    Music: Jules Peters
    Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
  5. Cunning Odysseus [Odysseus] (3:29)
    Music: Eric Lebofsky
    Lyrics and Vocals: Barney Brown, Oli Hayhurst and Tim Donderevo
  6. For Fear of the Light [Abtu and Anet] (3:00)
    Music: Dan Waldkirch
    Lyrics and Vocals: Nick Osbourne
    Backing Vocals: Madeleine Staples, Doug Stuart, Rob Fisher, Richard Yates
  7. The Testimony of Oliver Deveau [The Mary Celeste] (4:27)
    Music: Oli Hayhurst
    Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
  8. Plankton [Plankton] (3:53)
    Music: Rob Fisher
    Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
    Vocals: Kelly Hoglund and Tim Turton
  9. King of Pirates [Edward Teach (Blackbeard)] (3:00)
    Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman
    Lyrics: Dan Waldkirch
    Vocals: Dan & Maria Waldkirch
  10. The Love Song of the Mako Shark [The Mako Shark] (4:19)
    Music: Dan Gresham
    Lyrics and Vocals: Timothy S Marchand
    Backing Vocals: Jules Peters
  11. The Shelter of a Shanty Home [Flotsam] (3:14)
    Music: Timothy S Marchand and Jules Peters
    Lyrics: Rob Fisher
    Vocals: Rob & Audrey Fisher
  12. Oh Jeannie [Jeanne Bare] (4:47)
    Music: Barney Brown
    Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean
    Glockenspiel: Don Schwartz
  13. Windy Old Weather (Fish of the Sea) (4:09)
    Music: Trad./Jules Peters, Greg Dean, Rob Fisher and Aya Saito
    Lyrics: Trad./Kip Loades
    Vocals: The IML
    Produced by Barney Brown and Tim Donderevo
Mastered by Tim Donderevo

The lyrics

Coming soon.


Copyright and Publishing Intercontinental Music Lab 2008

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported

Roger the cabin boy & Seaman Staines

I spent the day mastering Superheroes of the Sea yesterday - and what a joy it was! Once again - every single track is amazing in its own right - and super-powerful in Rob's skillful and textural track order. I'm constantly impressed by the lengths you lot go to, to make this project something special. There's some beautiful and intense and hilarious lyrics/prose on the album, exceptional vocals, along with some incredible twang-action and, for the first time, saxophones! As mastering engineer, not a single element that you wrote was lost on me - I heard everything, and I liked what I heard a lot. Keep up the good work IML!


- Yes - I know those names never appeared in Pugwash.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Arrrrrr!!!!! Well done me hearties! You've done it. Album 2 is in the net, has been clubbed to death, descaled and is being flash-frozen for rapid transport to your Christmas inboxes. Oh boy! Its a mixed bag this time around, and the quality is even higher than the first album! Congratulations to all IML members - you've done it again. I'm very excited to hear it all back to back once Captain Fish has done his thing as IML selecta. Extra kudos to anyone who contributed to the Shanty - its a marvellous thing! Happy Holidays music machines.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Brave Argonauts!

The time has come to get things buttoned-up ship-shape and Bristol-fashion. As Superheroes of the Sea masterer I must confess that I'm the tear-arse last-minute contributor this time around. The holiday season has proved the busiest season of the year for yours truly. NEVERTHELESS - you SHALL have your IML album for Christmas. So long as you've all been good girls and boys...

Good luck with final mixing etc. Don't panic if you miss the deadline! Rob has left plenty of wiggle room to get Album 2 in by Christmas. However - at this stage, we may not be eligible for a Christmas number 1.

Tim Donderevo!