Thursday, December 18, 2008


Arrrrrr!!!!! Well done me hearties! You've done it. Album 2 is in the net, has been clubbed to death, descaled and is being flash-frozen for rapid transport to your Christmas inboxes. Oh boy! Its a mixed bag this time around, and the quality is even higher than the first album! Congratulations to all IML members - you've done it again. I'm very excited to hear it all back to back once Captain Fish has done his thing as IML selecta. Extra kudos to anyone who contributed to the Shanty - its a marvellous thing! Happy Holidays music machines.

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brownio said...

Good luck with the flash freezing. I can't wait to defrost it when it arrives. I'm so excited I might have to put it on the microwave rather than leaving it by the window on a plate. Oh lordy.