Monday, December 22, 2008

Roger the cabin boy & Seaman Staines

I spent the day mastering Superheroes of the Sea yesterday - and what a joy it was! Once again - every single track is amazing in its own right - and super-powerful in Rob's skillful and textural track order. I'm constantly impressed by the lengths you lot go to, to make this project something special. There's some beautiful and intense and hilarious lyrics/prose on the album, exceptional vocals, along with some incredible twang-action and, for the first time, saxophones! As mastering engineer, not a single element that you wrote was lost on me - I heard everything, and I liked what I heard a lot. Keep up the good work IML!


- Yes - I know those names never appeared in Pugwash.

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speungebeub said...

You've done a first rate job TT. It really hangs together nicely and has sounded good on everything I've played it on so far. We are eternally grateful for your mastering efforts, especially when you have to power through the snow to get it done! You are a true legend sir.